A New (and Old) Way of Creating A Lot of Content

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I came across this tweet this morning and the last two lines jumped out at me:

Repurpose often.

Nobody remembers your content like you remember your content.

When you are creating a lot of content, you are closer to it than anyone else. It is fresh in your memory and you think (even if subconsciously) that it is fresh in everyone else’s as well.

There are 474,000 tweets per minute, YouTube has 400 hours of video content uploaded every minute, and 67,305,600 Instagram posts per day.

Unless you are Naval, people probably will not remember every single thing you have done.

This is good news. It gives you not only the chance to repurpose old content but revisit and improve it.

You are not the same person you were when you first wrote that tweet or LinkedIn post. When you visit the material, it may look and feel very different to you now.

After posting for a while, you may have learned how to write better hooks to grab people’s attention. Which formats to use for better readability. Hell, you may have a completely different opinion now.

If you are stressing about what content to create next, stop worrying and just pull up the archives.

It’s probably already done for you, by you.




I am a full-time brand marketer with a passion for direct response and internet marketing.

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Max Bernstein

Max Bernstein

I am a full-time brand marketer with a passion for direct response and internet marketing.

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