How I Got Someone to Pay Me to Learn a New Skill

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I’ve spent my fair share on courses, but in March of 2020, I figured out a new way to get people to pay me to learn.

Like many during the start of the pandemic, there was a lot of uncertainty. But one thing I was sure of was that with a complete lockdown in effect, I had time. There were only so many seasons of the Office on Netflix.

I’ve always wanted to learn video editing, so I went online and purchased a lifetime deal for a basic video editor (I think I spent $39).

I once read one of the best ways to learn something is to produce an output from whatever you are learning.

For video editing, I decided I was going to create promo videos. After some practice and YouTube tutorials, I created and Fiverr profile and listed my services for the smallest amount possible of $5 with unlimited revisions.

It did a few things for me. It held me accountable because I couldn’t just half-ass the project, and once someone paid, I was on the line for getting it done. $5 for the hours it took me to complete the video seems a bit nuts, and it certainly felt like it.

Fast forward a few weeks, and I had completed a handful of videos, acquired reviews on my profile, and, more importantly, built confidence. I slowly started raising my prices as my portfolio and skills grew.

As of today, my videos are listed for $300 each, and I have made $10,107.60.

Even better, I have a new skill that can open countless doors in the future.

And it only cost me $39.

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I am a full-time brand marketer with a passion for direct response and internet marketing.

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Max Bernstein

Max Bernstein

I am a full-time brand marketer with a passion for direct response and internet marketing.

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